Juried Critiques Rules

Member critique meetings will be held four times during the calendar year. Six paintings and one photo will be awarded ribbons at each session by the juror. Approximately 32 total paintings and photos will be critiqued per session. The juror will decide which to critique if more that 32 works are submitted.

Submission requirements for artwork:

  • One submission per critique meeting by a paid member of SOSA
  • Submissions must be delivered to the meeting site between 6:15-6:45pm
  • Either two-dimensional, collage or photo
  • Must have been completed in the last two years
  • Must be gallery-ready (if not sure what that is, ask)
  • Wire hangers, no cardboard backing and no sawtooth hangers
  • No copies of published artwork or photos
  • No work from classrooms or workshops
  • Artist must be present at the critique session
  • Once an artwork has been critiqued it may not be submitted again

At the SOSA Banquet in November, the quarterly winners must be delivered prior to the specified time and will be juried to award the painting and photo of the year. If a winning (quarterly) painting is sold prior to the Banquet, the artist is permitted to submit a gallery ready (as above) print of that same painting for entry into the Painting of the Year competition. Artist must be present at the banquet.

Please contact us for information or questions info@SouthernOregonSocietyofArtists.com